Frequently asked questions

How does the 100 Day Challenge work?

The challenge is for anyone who wants to reduce their gambling, either taking a break, cutting back or as the first step to permanent reduction. It is designed to be anonoymous, flexible and is tailored to what you want to get out of it.

You can set individual goals, get support and advice, discover new activities or chat to others who are also up for the challenge.

Key features include:

  • The ability to set your own goals
  • Take the quiz to see if you are experiencing harm from your gambling – Daily check in option to track how you are sticking to your goal
  • Tips and advice on finances and building a support team
  • 100 different activities for you to do, categorised into groups Wellness, Solitary, Practical, Physical, Creative and Social. These might be new or familiar but are all designed to inspire or guide you each and every day on the challenge
  • Community – Read helpful messages from other people taking the challenge and leave your own comments for others to read

I am a past 100 Day Challenge (Fight for you) user, what do I do?

As this is a new program you need to create a new account.

I can’t login?

Get in touch with us on We will respond during business hours Monday to Friday.

Can I reset or take the challenge again?

We are currently working on functionality to make this happen. In the meantime you can reset your goal as one of the support activities.

How does the points and levels system work?

Each activity you complete earns you points. The harder the activity the more points. As these totals increase so does your level within the challenge and you will be recognised with milestones as you progress. Your points total remains private to you but are a recognition of your achievements.

When you have earned enough points you progress to the next level which is a personal recognition of your participation in the challenge.

If you have a question that is not answered here let us know via We will respond during business hours Monday to Friday.